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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Capcom Arcade Cabinet 1986 Game Pack Review

A new week a new Capcom Arcade Cabinet pack release. Let us go through the three re-released titles.

Legendary Wings- "Angels with Machine Guns" could have been the title too and fit in with the style of 80's . Capcom get a lot of credit here for bending what anyone might perceive as normal as your essentially an angel with a gun in this shooter that at points becomes a platformer. The game changes from ahigh flying shooting adventure when you get swallowed by giant statues as big as mountains that are actually robots into a platformer. It sounds like something from Axe Cop or a little kid might come up with, but it's true. As difficult as any shooter from that era.

Side Arms- Ahhh!!!!, so much is happening on screen. I died over and over again trying to figure out what was going on.  A space shooter, where you're fighting weird alien robots creatures at a insane pace. You are a transforming robot/ship. A fun gimmick is you can get a power-up that let's you combine with a fellow robot and be even more powerful. You have plenty of power-ups to gain to shoot lasers in every direction or have little shields circling you.

Trojan- A shield and sword beat-em up seemed fun, but didn't make the cut. I like the gimmick and could see myself enjoying this slash and beat-em up if shield and sword controls were easier, but I would walk a few feet and get cut down. I really wanted to explore Trojan more, but the controls will take some time to master.

Overall I'd like a death total to be put in for each game. I died way too often.