Friday, March 22, 2013

Giant Robo DVD Release Party March 26

DVD Release Party ANYONE? This time for a tv show with a giant robot.

"Come join us on Tuesday, March 26, 2013 through Sunday, March 31st for the DVD release of Giant Robo! With every purchase of the Giant Robo DVD, customers will receive an exclusive poster from Jungle! That's not all! We will also have a very special sale! Legend of Gokin: 40th Anniversary Diecast figures will be on sale for only $90.00 on the FIRST DAY and will get a limited papercraft Hanger! After the 26th we will be selling the Giant Robo figures for $99.99 plus the papercraft Hanger while supplies last! "

There will be more to come! Surprises await the fans!

Giant Robo DVD Release Party

Anime Jungle Special Collectors Shop Los Angeles
319 East 2nd Street #103, Los Angeles, California