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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Longest Gears of War: Judgment Ad I've Seen

Gears of War: Judgment with Kumail Nanjian is the longest ad I've seen for a video game some time. It's more clever than a rap concert release for Resident Evil 6, oh Capcom, just give people food, the ability to play your game and something that has something to do with the game. There were so many Halloween events happening in LA at the time.

*I always use the Resident Evil 6 Rap Party as a poor marketing comparison. Possibly, Konami's Metal Gear Launch at the Hard Rock Cafe instead of the arcade right next to it.

Back to the funny ad, local funny man Kumail Nanjian, he does a lot at Meltdown, got paid to dothis and it seems like he tried or at least did three separate ideas to fill the run time.

You have the classic old man playing a new-fangled video game, a Civil War re-enactment gone awry and a local play house playing characters from the game.

It was a Funny or Die, IGN and Xbox made commercial. Be smart, Funny or Die, IGN and Xbox and Gears of War team, make that theater company part real. That needs to be a real play for the launch of the game. I'd go see it and I know a lot of other gamers would too.