Monday, March 25, 2013

Marvel Movie Update: The Wolverine Posters

The Wolverine trailer is set to hit Wednesday, you can take in these wonderful blend of movie posters with a Japanese theme below until then.

If you're a fan of Japanese culture like this site, you will thoroughly enjoying the press leading up to the film's release. What will the Japanese opening be like?

 For some insight, the film is not a prequel, but takes places after X-Men: Last Stand. Wolverine looks to be confronting the Silver Samurai and his past again. It doesn't really matter, I've thrown plot out of the equation a long time ago with these films, it's just how far they can push the action.

Fear sinks in with director James Mangold at the helm. He's last film was the action comedy Knight and Day. Try and notice when the commercial for this film comes up if he's name shows up big on the screen, it won't. Darren Aronofsky was suppose to direct , but chickened out after the 2011 Tsunami hit Japan, not a very brave director is he? Due to his fear, we know have the inferior, but more brave Mangold.

Who wants Stan Lee to appear as a Sushi Chef?