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Friday, March 15, 2013

Kickstarter LA: Crossover, Shovel Knight

Machine of Death, which has it's own kickstarter going on now and whose creator was recently interviewed on the site is a card in STORY WAR : The Storytelling Party Game which has it's own kickstarter happening. I hope Metagame absorbs these into it's next edition.

"The Machine of Death card in Story War can be used to predict your opponent’s death with just a single drop of blood; the Story War card in Machine of Death can be used to redeem something from a fairy tale. Both cards stand alone as usable items in both games, but they become even cooler when you combine the two games!
Can a vampire die of cancer? What if it’s sunlight from the Cancer constellation? Using the Machine of Death’s cause-of-death predictions on fantasy characters adds a whole new level of creative challenge to the gameplay of both games! We’ll post more about the crossover rules later on in the campaign!"

Shovel Knight is from Yacht Club Games, a Southern California newly formed game company from former workers from WayForward. I have to say it looks like a game I'd like to play on te 3DS, but that ain't happening, straight to PC for this one.