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Thursday, March 14, 2013

The Librarian's Quest Hiding Inside An Arcade Machine

Nathan For You's latest episode had a great feature on it's dead pan host sneaking into businesses he will one day try to help by hiding and watching from a Vending Machine. The easy access fro the back door is only one feature of The Librarian's Quest arcade machine. It's power cord is also a straw, so Nathan doesn't go thirsty. Other great functionality so no one would every try to play it includes a insane amount to play at $20 which can only be paid in quarters. To also hinder people from playing the games assigned moves are Read, Index and Shhhh...

For any gamer this skit was gold, but I'd still want to see what it plays like if it really existed.

* Episode 'Clothing Store/Restaurant" S1E3

*Give the prop department my thanks.