Thursday, March 21, 2013

The Ben Show A Man In A Hat AImlessly Wanders LA

I won't argue with anyone for anyone saying Nathan For You is in the same boat, but they at least built a fake arcade machine to spy on people in last week's episode.

The Ben Show is one of the weakest shows I've seen on Comedy Central in some time. Clearly Ben is a veteran comedian, but his show seems so lazy and mediocre it's as though a hobo won the lotto and got a free show.

Stranger is how Ben just shuffles along LA with a everyday activity by plot episode centered around something simple like redecorating one's apartment. Instead Ben spends money on useless crap, meeting someone random and then some stupid sketches, that may only look good due to some nice CGI work. It's like a cheaper Nick Swardson's Pretend Time, but with a man wearing a hat who at least acts more Jewish.

For the money, Ben could have come up with a simple but fun scripted show that did have an overall plot, but instead loosely stumbles around LA with a thin plot and forgettable skits as forgettable as the show will be. I understand Comedy Central doing it, because production cost have to be so low, but to just waste a way into people's homes.

Try harder Ben.

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