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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Capcom Arcade Cabinet 1985 Game Pack #1 Review

Why don't I film myself just yelling at these! 3 more games came down the pipeline for your pleasure: Ghosts ‘n Goblins, Gun.Smoke, and Section Z. A friend did pop over and manage to at least beat the first level of each title and not  in casual mode. So, I did see what these have to offer, they offer hardship and endurance. Skills, my man or woman or dog that learned to read and get to this site.

Ghost 'n Goblins a well known classic, you're a King trying to defeat evil ... and it's incredibly hard to beat. I got as far as the forest and that isn't far at all. As my friend wielded his sword he took on evil denizens of bats, trolls with heart tattoos and platforming pain. This game is tough , but does have it's own style of weird monsters to defeat. See if you can beat it!

*Reminded me that Capcom kind of gave up on Maximo.

*Shoot your spear 15 times into a headstone while crouching and get turned into a frog, no joke.

Gun Smoke is a vertical shooter, but set in the old west. Incredibly hard, but with some fun power-ups including boots and a horse. Get a horse and you can take some extra hits, no horse and you're a dead man walking. It also felt cramped for a shooter, but I guess it's suppose to.

Section Z let's you shoot lasers, while wearing a jet pack. Yes, that does sound ideal for most, but you are being fired upon at many different angles, by all sort of Japanese designed bio-monsters. If you can make it so far you have to dodge pinballs in a special section. The design of the game had a little bar graph on your progress for each section you passed through. A cute little in game map reference of how much farther one must go. Add this title to the list of hard to not die in a few seconds games.

These video game  were provided by the publisher for review.