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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Go Grandriders Go! Free March 19

If your near UCLA check out this free showing of old Asian men riding around Taiwan on motorcycles, you'd Netflix it if you could.

Go Grandriders
James Bridges Theater, UCLA Melnitz 1409
 405 Hilgard Ave Los Angeles, CA 90095
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 at 7:30 PM (PDT)

"In Go Grandriders, a group of senior citizens embark on what may be the most daring adventure of their lives: a thirteen-day tour—entirely on motorcycle—around the island of Taiwan. A number in the group have heart problems, two have had cancer, and their average age is 81. The trip brings harrowing escapes (one rider falls asleep at the wheel, while another is knocked off his bike by a truck), pure exhilaration (including a gleeful romp in the waves when riders reach Taiwan’s east coast), and somber reflection, as riders recall their youths fighting in the Sino-Japanese War.

Along the way, the Grandriders travel to nursing homes, eliciting cheers, tears and admiration from other elders as they describe the tour. As their captain announces, “Elders are not only capable but energetic. No one is too old to realize their dreams.” His own unyielding dedication to the group not only lands him in the hospital multiple times during the tour, but also brings him back to greet the riders at each leg of the trip. Other characters we meet along the way include a merry grandfather whose only sadness is missing his weekly trip to the night market with his grandson, and a pastor married to a cancer survivor, who consider the trip their belated honeymoon. Defying society’s expectations, the Grandriders’ journey will inspire and delight audiences both young and young at heart."