Thursday, March 14, 2013

LA Indie Film Fest Top Picks Really What Had Blood In It

LA Indie Film Festival
March 14-21

March 14, 2013 • 07:00 pm • Get Tickets

A young woman accepts a babysitting offer from a couple she doesn’t know. Puzzled by the children’s odd behavior, she invites some friends to keep her company. Little do they know that it will be the worst night of their lives…

HEAVEN SENT (Short Film)


March 20, 2013 • 07:00 pm • Get Tickets

Left for dead, Joan finds herself laying face down at the edge of the ocean. Confused, dazed and suffering loss of memory she’s haunted by the night before and fragmented memories of an attack. Suspecting her husband of foul play she finds her way home and teams up with her best friend to uncover the -- [Read More]

NIBBLE (Short Film)


March 16, 2013 • 04:30 pm • Get Tickets

Andy is like a lot of young men, he loves his girlfriend and hates his job but what sets him apart from most isn’t the life he leads, it’s what’s living in his wall.