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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Darkstalkers Resurrection Review Ahhhh Scary Monsters

Darkstalkers Resurrection is a revised version of Night Warriors: Darkstalkers Revenge and Darkstalkers 3, it took me a second to realize hitting select on the title menu would switch between the two games, damn me not reading everything on screen. These two classic fighters show what Capcom is really about or was about in the early 80's and 90's, crazy as Hell ideas. Where ever did you think of having a monster fighter with such bizarre takes on monster lore Capcom ? Seriously, why is a zombie a rock star or a were-wolf a Bruce Lee rip-off . These questions will never be answered, but will be honored with making people ask what the Hell is going on in this game. It's kind of sad to see all Capcom's future games involving a mere human and a cyborg lady(?), instead of the just weird out there ideas that so painted it's colorful past. I still want to go into people's minds and fight bugs, but that sure as Hell isn't this. It's stranger, yet gets no love a horror events.

For you fight fans I'll get right down to it. It plays great with plenty of moves to learn for each character and with on-line multiplayer you can take any catgirl to fight your deadgirl or beegirl or whatever Morrigan is, I think she's a succubus, in an all out brawl. It's from Capcom who invented fighters, so it will leave you with hours of new ways or remembered ways to hurt someone. Graphics might be dated to some, but if you look at the sheer amount of animations and moves each character got it will drive you madly insane. It's HD now, HD old-school graphics so I'm not sure why it mattered.

I'm a pretty lady with clothes made out of bats. No, I'm a little girl in a red hood who carries a gun around. No, I'm a robot designed by Aztecs or Mayans. No, I'm a catgirl who can make copies of herself. No, I'm possibly a muscular vampire. No, I'm a Frankenstein monster with a ghost that follows me around. No, now I'm a samurai warrior with a face in my stomach. The war really screwed up these people (Capcom), but in a great way where they came up with the most insane ideas, but made them real. Sure, you could say it was a revision of classic Universal monsters, but if I was a judge in court I could in no way say Victor von Gerdenheim was Frankenstein. Frankenstein doesn't attack people with his butt.

How do you explain what you see to others as if it's normal? So, I was playing as Lord Raptor, zombie undead rock star. So, while fighting a mummy that cursed me and changed me into a chibi version of myself at first, I took a good ol's chainsaw that came out of me and messed up his face. Then my rib bones bursted out and stabbed him.

What would you pay to be in those meeting with subtitle translation eyes for when these ideas were kicked around. Is Japanese culture in these fields always this way.

Hypothetically what happened:
Bob...Bob-san I know he can sprout a chainsaw, but shouldn't his head come off for a second and fire teeth as projectiles. 

How does a regular human in Street Fighter stay alive fighting any of these monsters in a crossover game?

Characters bodies are fluid, like real animation, the only game coming close to this today is Skullgirls which owes all of it's insane ideas to games like this one, but probably mostly this one.
I cut people in half. They should be dead, but no. That means an animation for each character had to be made just for that cutting in half characters attack and Anakaris's curse too, where you become all Chibi. That is a lot of work

I would have liked a little more work with selection screen. This annoying little box keeps giving you these stupid trivia facts about characters and repeats itself over and over. If it's a remake, why not just remake it looking nice on HD television, but throwing in some extras like some new costumes or funny sound effect mode or something. The unlock gallery is kind of just a nuisance, it's filled with concept art and old victory endings, but so is the Internet.

It's a buy if you don't own the series on a previous system, feel nostalgic or just what one Hell of a crazy fighter to fight friends with online and at home.

PlayStation Network (PSN) for $14.99 and on Xbox LIVE Arcade for 1200 Microsoft

This video game was provided by the publisher for review