Thursday, March 14, 2013

Injustice Battle Arena Celebrity Experts and Regular LA People

Remember that long ad for Gears of War: Judgment I posted on.  Warner Bros Games has taken a much less funny and boring route for Injustice. Celebrity Experts is the painful commentary of celebrities? on the game and their top picks in fights. I'll give Tara Strong cred for being the voice actress for Raven on Teen Titans, but Wayne Brady has no reason to be talking about the game. Unless he's going for the part of Black Lex Luthor, why did he shave his head? Just should have paid comedians to do comedy skits.

The other celebrites include Kevin Smith not wearing his podcast jersey and Kevin Conroy, check them out here

Then you have this gem below with host Taryn of the Injustice series videos waking around LA asking people who know nothing about DC Comics about the game, comedy gold.

Favorite part, old Jewish man likes Cyborg, because it sounds like a nice Jewish last name like Goldberg.