Sunday, March 17, 2013

San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention I Came, I Saw, Not Going Back

San Fernando Valley Comic Book Convention was a little convention that took place in what appeared to be where a local dance class meets up in some sort of a rec center. I don't know why the people behind the show just didn't give that as the location instead of such a vague venue area in their flyer. There were comics (good sales), action figures and even a raffle every hour. A very few people cosplayed.  I'd say it reminded me mostly of the Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention that happens at Shrine auditorium every so often.

 I'd like it if there were a bit more group activities or some sort of rec room for people to interact with each other, but it was a place to buy merch and little else.I can't recommend it next year unless there's really any activities or something that really makes it an community event, that's why I usually don't mention the Los Angeles Comic Book and Sci-Fi Convention, which just has some nice signings. What did the the five bucks for admission go to to other than renting the place and it shouldn't have been that much for one Sunday. Every table there made sense except for an old man who was selling art near the pizza booth, maybe he was the grandfather of the people behind the convention or something, it was just odd when he went on stage and started singing.

No real entertainment and nothing much more than merch. Why not just wait for Wondercon at the end of the month? Even with a bus ride and the $10 for entry for just Sunday, I'd still recommend it instead.