Thursday, March 7, 2013

Kickstarter LA: Sullivan's Sluggers Scandal

Great in-depth post on the Sullivan's Sluggers Scandal by David Brothers on Comic Alliance. Sullivan's Sluggers was a highly successful Kickstarter funded comic about a baseball team fighting monsters, with art by the great James Stokoe. It did so well a movie deal was inked out not too long ago. Problems have arisen with writer and owner Mark Andrew Smith on what his Kickstarter promised and even getting issues to customers who pre-ordered the comic. The book was exclusive to kickstarter, but Smith sells them in his online shop.

Recently, Smith created a second Kickstarter to pay for shipping costs for the first comic even though he should have enough cash from the first. That new Kickstarter was shut down a few hours ago.

It's a interesting controversy that might make Kickstarter once again re-think policy on their site.

From reading David Brothers' article it seems Mr. Smith has acted very unscrupulous and unfairly to the people who supported him.

I'm reminded of the still unpublished Matt Hawkins' zine "fort90zine #4" that has had multiple problems being printed. Matt has give multiple updates on his site of the ongoing hell process to his readers as well as his apologies.

One of the kickstarters I supported, Double K, also had printing errors that required the artist to redo his own art and did add time to proposed release date.

It surprises me there is no  trusted printing copy by Kickstarter or other such companies to help with finance. Kickstarter not only needs to update policies, but actually help clients other than just being a platform for raising money. It should try to connect companies that can help it's clients get their products out.