Friday, March 29, 2013

Adventure Time Time: Special Covers, Last Bit of Sugar, Beemo Gameboy

 I'll be covering the Adventure Time panel this Saturday at WonderCon. There always fun for the fans. No idea who of the cast and crew is coming, it's always a gamble. I should have some great photos from the event so stay tuned.

Why 'Adventure Time' Is the Best Sci-Fi Show on TV Right Now- Great article on the last episode co-story boarded by Rebecca Sugar that uses the Cheer's theme song.

Special edition covers by JJ Harrison for Adventure Time Comics that evoke and old school feel.  Only 500 covers were made for each character. "The layout is a throwback to the old Marvel anniversary covers of the 80s."-JJ

A Beemo figure made to look like it works with the game boy camera and printer. I still kind of woner why there was no super special edition of the 3DS made to look like Beemo for the Adventure Time game launch.


BIZARRE ADVENTURE TIME- A fun flash intro that looks like the start of an 80's anime featuring Finn and Jake.