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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Amusement Expo 2013 March 20-22 Las Vegas March 20-22

What will Dave and Buster's have in it next? Will X-Lanes in Little Tokyo get any of the new arcade machines from this? I hope they at least look online for what goes down at Amusement Expo 2013, the largest convention on the West Coast showing off new arcade machines.

What will be imported from Japan? Who knows? In a few days will get a first look of what you might be able to game on in public.

This is where Sega and Namco show off their newest units and if you haven't been at arcade latley they basically bring over anything. I'm unsure if Konami's bringing something to the tabl tis year, but let's hope so. South Korea brings some fun units too, so it's always good to see what there up too.

Walking distance from Pizza Expo, so you could have video games and pizza, one of the best deal ever.

2013 Amusement Expo 
Las Vegas Convention Center
March 20 -March 22