Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bulk & Skull Banned From Power Morphicon For Pie Throwing

Bulk and Skull have been banned from Power Morphicon due to their amazing slapstick panel covered below at 2012's Power Morphicon in Pasadena. I even interviewed them after the panel here.

The damage from the panel cost $9,000? From what I saw they managed to just hit a wall with some whipped cream and in no way should it be that much. However, the Pasadena Convention Center was not able to clean it and the wall had to be replaced. I think Pasadena Convention Center might have been a little bit to impulsive with their purchase, that wall looks fairly easy to replace and to clean, it's a bit odd.

This is sad for any fan of Power Rangers as their panel was the most humorous and laid back event for the whole con.  Power Morphicon should think of switching venues instead.