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Sunday, March 31, 2013

WonderCon 2013: Wonders

                           WonderCon had some great goodies this year. Above is what I attained this year, my only qualm is missing out on the Lost Planet 3 mini-plushies, THEY WENT FAST. Capcom had a huge section of free posters they gave out anyway.
Fear Net had a photo booth with the lovely lasses.

 The Bubble ship from Oblivion was on display.

 Super 7 has done it again with Alien figures based on the prototype designs for the never released action figures due out in August.  Alien collectible Burger King like cups will be on sale in June and can purchased at Comic-Con.

more to see below

 Billy the Blue Ranger was on hand, it looks like he's come back from the shadows.
Kevin Tong, whose art you've seen featured on the site was in attendance as well.

 Glen Mazzara, The Walking Dead showrunner made a panel appearance before tonight's final episode he worked on as he moves on to other projects.
 Chris Gore having fun at his podcast.

                                 Weird combination of cats and pop culture refrences
                       Zombie hoodies with eyes coming out, perfect for the horror fan in you.
                                     A big fat cow plushie, who wouldn't want that in their living room.
                           Lightsaber sale!
 Whimsic Alley had a huge section, but if you missed it you can always head to the shop here in LA.