Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Dead Space Liberation Review

Dead Space: Liberation

Cringe, a Dead Space comic sounded like a fun read, but I couldn't get past Christopher Shy's photo-collage like art style. The mediocre story by Ian Edginton was not helping me either. I opened the book and just can't stand this style, it's like when Grant Morrison hires the CG artist, an a entire issue isn't worth reading. I've always hated the style shown in this book, it just makes it unreadable, a blend of photo-realism and Photoshop effects.

Then you have a story that's been done a million times, a soldier tries to rescue his wife, bad guys are after his wife, he meets rebels and has to stop monsters (necromorphs) from getting to more people. Oh, I haven't watched that or seen that ever!

It's short, the same old story and painful to look at art. It's a sad companion to The Art of Dead Space that came out during the same month.

This book was provided by the publisher for review