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Wednesday, March 13, 2013

BROS BEFORE HOS Controversy Introspective

A trophy that you earn in God of War: Ascension is called "Bros Before Hos" after you defeat a female flying monster, a fury. Sony got some complaints and now is adding a patch to the game that changes the trophy to "Bros Before Foes".

That's still funny, but why even change it? They game is designed to be rude, bloody and sexist. Kratos having sex with chicks is a mini-game for sexist's sake. The game was designed for a mostly male teen audience. Sony might as well patch up whatever sex mini-game is in this version and change the blood to rainbow sprinkles.

As I read about this controversy I just heard of the new film Bros Before Hos from the people who gave us New Kids Turbo. It's a romantic-comedy as the title indicates that by being a joke. Bros Before Hos is just a joke and to go to the extreme of patching it that fast it boggles the mind.