Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Inuyasha: The Movie the Complete Collection Quick Review

Inuyasha: The Movie the Complete Collection

All four Inuyasha movies on Blu-ray for your demon destroying pleasure. They all each had their fun moments and strange attacks, but like most anime they seem to take place out of continuity in the series. The big difference from the show is the animation budget, which allows for some excellent fights and thow-away bad guys to defeat.

The Castle Beyond the Looking Glass and Fire on the Mystic Island, both are just beautiful and have some great locations. The weakest is Swords of an Honorable Ruler, which features one of the strangest and dumbest looking enemies I've ever seen. At a point the main bad guy is just a sharp torso without a head. It just looked so generic, yet the movie still has it's moments with a talking sword holder and the destruction of modern Japan.

The newest of these films is 7 years old, but they've been transferred for you pleasure to HD Blu-ray quality.

I'll have updated reviews for each one at a later time, but if you've been waiting for these films in HD they're available now .

-The blu-rays have claw marks in them like Inuyasha ripped them a bit, a nice touch.