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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

TedxHollywood March 28

Just after CalArts and TED Conferences combined you have Hollywood combining with TED, man TED will be combine with anything. I'd sign up now this will likely be sold out. Can't wait for TEDxE3 or some other video game like event.

March 28th, 2013

Freud Playhouse, UCLA
UCLA Department of Theater
1220 Macgowan Hall
Los Angeles, CA, 90025

Topics to be explored and presented by TEDx speakers include the following themes:

  • Everyone is a Media Company:  brands and organizations now regularly create and post content to engage audiences and customers.
  • Succeeding in the Entertainment World Outside of the Traditional Hollywood System:  learning from mavericks who have carved out successful careers in entertainment using ingenuity, elbow grease, talent, digital media and more.
  • Storytelling That Drives Positive Change:  stories that explain, inform and inspire.  Stories shed new light on controversial topics, or advocate for a particular point of view.
  • Sci-Fi Comes To Life Through Entertainment:  great gadgets, gear and technology imagined by Hollywood show what is possible, and what could become reality in the not too distant future.

Initial Speaker list includes:

  • Angela Ahrendts, Burberry
  • John Forte, Musician
  • Dick Glover,
  • Kina Granis, Musician
  • Courtney Holt, Maker Studios
  • Nadeem Kassam, Biobeats
  • Tim Kring, Creator, Writer and Executive Producer, "Touch" and "Heroes"
  • Rachel Shechtman, STORY
  • Additional speakers to be announced