Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Game Hype: Lost Planet 3 June 25 Ice Beards Are In, SimCity Up and Running?

Dropping June 25

So finally the game based on the Aliens franchise you've wanted will be out this Summer. I've played a preview of LP3 last year and was blown away by it resemblance to the Alien films. This game is a better version of Aliens: Colonial Marines in that it's actually good, understands story, lighting , suspense, mystery, isolation. There's even a big ol mech suit that James Cameron loves putting in his movies. It's funny that something that's emulating Aliens style is pulling it off better than the actual licensed product.

* I hope there's real time ice bearding effect. Will your beard get more frozen after time, let's hope so.

Here's all the pre-order DLC you can get
Lost Planet 3 pre-order bonus details

Wait, did they even announce multi-player before? Well the DLC tells us it exist .

Two game sites reporting they can't even access the SimCity servers on day two of it's release

Update: Polygon actually lowered it's score of the game after all the issues with connecting with the servers.