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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Silent Hill: Revelations 3D Review Thoughts

Silent Hill: Revelation 3D

I'm just in for the first five minutes and I already know it's terrible. No build up, a dream sequence, overly used special effects, that look awful. Uh, the mirror scene, a guy is talking to his wife in a mirror, kind of takes you out of it being a horror movie.

Live watching notes

-Looking on my computer, the movies real title Silent Hill: Revelations 3D, so even if you're not watching it in 3D it's still 3D?

- A jacket for a birthday present! Wooh, wait it's her jacket from the game, so that's how she got it!

-So wait, he put the image of the seal that was taken on a box with all the stuff related to Silent Hill? That's good hiding it.

-Coin sound sound from stolen seal.

I have to agree with Heather, what's with this introduction stuff, isn't it biology

- Just a note, the day was pretty wealthy in the first movie, now they seem to live in a much less expensive house.

-Little kids birthday taking place on a Monday

-Little kids birthday just got Silent Hilled, I just want to laugh.

-Sad, that the rust effect to switch to silent hill is gone, I miss the siren too.

-Metal pipe! Metal pipe time!

-Pipe this guy!


-Heather decided to ask who she is a calmly as possible to the man whose just got his fingers cut off by a monster, the monster is still after them.

-Heather took off jacket, still wearing quite a lot of layers, oh wait, hunky boy gives up overcoat. He is still wearing a jacket.

-Second F-word for Facebook

-These kids are suppose to be 18?

-Hunky boy's whole life story on a bus trip

-She laughing, not freaking out about that murder.

-Third F you

-Police violating law, breaking into house, probable cause from inside of house?

-This hunky guy is risking a lot for a girl he met a few hours ago

-Indian burial ground joke

-Guy wants to pull over, you need rest he says, more like sex

-This guy really wants to get laid

-Y'know, I just remembered the cop lady from the first film went on to be Andrea in The Walking Dead

-Okay, now it makes sense why the boy likes her.

-First rust over we can see, looks like the cgi department switched to another company.

-The new monster is generic, his no pyramid head

-Silent Hill was walking distance from motel

-Scenes from the first film, clip show

-Finally, the siren!

Wait, how did the order survive, the church was like their last hiding place and it got taken down

-Plastic wrapped is the style in this film and it is creepy. The film should have started here with Heather looking around in this creepy mannequin factory

-PS3 commercial reminder with that evil baby

- The mannequin spider is pretty cool, though I don't get if it cocoons people or changes them to mannequins, it seems like an involved process

-So the main bad guy is the sister of  the crazy church lady, but you know we never saw her in the first film

-Malcolm McDowell, a b- movie horror sequel seal of approval. If you want the same old thing get Malcom McDowell

-Malcom was defeated really easily

-Hey Nurses!

-The guys delivering the hunky guy really seem terrible at their job

-New nurses go off by sound , not light

-Silent Hill use to phase in and out, now it just stays bad

-Alessa or Shadow Heather is cute.

- So this is the new last sanctuary

-Oh, monster fight, not really what I wanted.

-I thought the inside of pyramid head's pyramid would be shown.

-Well, there's a guy from the prequel and that prison bus is from Silent Hill: Downpour

-I would have like to see the fourth game The Room, which was just creepy from the first trailer I saw.

- It's over, but finally new music is introduced at the end

After thoughts

-You can really see the difference in style, professionalism and perhaps even the quality of film as this entire movie was filmed on RED and it just doesn't look theatric

-Pacing was much faster than the first film, which critics were already upset with, but I felt was fine. Pacing made connecting  to Heather hard. Heather's mom in the first film was brave and had this ingenuity and then you have Heather who meets a guy and hardly does much fighting.

If original director Gans was still on board it could have been so great, he was also setup to do Onimusha adapted, but that fell through, Capcom could have had some good movies out there instead of Chun-Li ruins street fighter.

Imagine a world where Capcom made good deals in film, wow that would just be amazing.