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Sunday, March 3, 2013

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Comic Tribute Review You Got Parody In My Philosophical Emotional Series About Teen Angst

Neon Genesis Evangelion: Comic Tribute

Going for $6 on Amazon as I write this.

Neon Genesis Evangelion might not be a common to the west, but that doesn't stop Dark Horse from publishing different series about it. This February, they released Neon Genesis Evangelion: Comic Tribute a small, but fun short story collection taking jabs and twisting knife into Evangelion.

Notice the cover, try a look for a minute. Did you figure out what the minuscule Unit 001's art style was from? Why it's Sgt Frog! Sgt Frog, a very comical anime and manga series that parodies other manga all the time including Evangelion took part in making fun of it or rather its artist and other well known manga scribes paid tribute by making fun of EVA. Sgt Frog does get a chance to pilot an EVA in a very short comic in the end.

Jokes are repeated about Kawaru's uhhh feelings, Shinji's dad issues, the rumor EVA was suppose to be live action and how creepy Gendo was with Rei. There's also some nice touches on the non-stop merchandise and never ending philosophical views that drag on.

Some of of it is dirty and risky, just like the show other times it's just funny like how a fat girl takes over for Asuka. Old scenes are revisited and changed for much stranger out comes. There's a great question brought up of what happens to the LCL fluid when they get out of the EVA's.Another story has the Eva Unit's controls feeling like boobs for a better sync rate.This is for the EVA buffs, but like Star Wars it has it's dedicated followers like me.

Here's a list of the big names inside

Inside, Mine Yoshizaki (Sgt. Frog) leads a band of manga pranksters including Hideki Ohwada (The Legend of Koizumi), Yun Kouga (Loveless), Nawoki Karasawa (Sake Jock, Super Cruel and Terrible Tales of Manga-ka), Yoko Sanri (B Gata H Kei: Yamada's First Time), ComiPo! mastermind Keiichi Tanaka, Rui Takato (Cynthia the Mission), Astroguy II (Queen's Blade Struggle), Kotaro Yamada (The Sacred Blacksmith), Sessyu Takemura (Domin-8 Me!), Jun Abe (Portus) and Tony Takezaki (Space Pinchy. A.D. Police). Also contains contributions from normal people, like Rikdo Koshi (Excel Saga).