Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Wrong Review It Was Just Wrong

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 I've been waiting for the release of Quentin Dupiex's next film since I missed it at AFI Fest last year. I guess I could've missed it for longer. The director of Rubber, a film of a telekinetic living tire that uses its powers to blow up heads, let me down in having more of a what the Hell is going on film, than a playful look into how people think in general and a meta, poking fun at itself sort of film.

The worst part is that in this movie about a man losing a dog, which is the main story, there are many cobbled out other stories that look fun to explore, but aren't. Right now, Wrong Cops is in production based of one of these side characters that Quentin introduced.

Director Quentin needs to be led by hand on making a balanced filmed. Quentin just seemed to wander into ideas and get bored with some. They're are some great moments of average day people reacting to purely insane ideas like someone painting a car another color without permission or childbirth as it's a common day occurrence.

(Spoilers) Some  parts to the story are that of a telepathic connection to pets, an office constantly being drenched in water, an agency that steals pets so owners will miss them and being able to read a piece of poo's thoughts. Yes, dog poo's thoughts are read. I did laugh as these moments did come up, but it didn't make for much of a story. It just made anticipate another stupid thing might happen next that would catch me off guard at how odd it is.

Wrong might have been saved if the director/writer/ composer could have been roped in and maybe worked with someone else to make a more connected story. It was almost watching the logic of a Japanese video game on screen, yet I still had fun with characters and great cinematography.

Master Chang, played by William Fichtner, was my favorite character. As owner and creator of the pet stealing business he stole the show. Imagine a horribly scarred by acid hippie who has telepathic powers. He wasn't Asian either and Dolph Springer, the main character played by Jack Plotnic, does mention how stupid his name, as you or I might in our heads. Both do great jobs. Nods for using some sci-fi elements of telepathy. Between man and man's best friend with some great art work from a guide to telepathically connecting with your dog. Master Chang also uses his telepathy to leave voice mails in people's head for Dolph, showing a total abuse of his powers for the must meaningless reminders of being on time.

It's still just a film about a man losing his dog and getting him back again in a very oddball comedy way that could've have been presented in a more socially acceptable way to gain a bigger audience. Some might call it a French, artsy fartsy indie film, which it is, but it's shot damn well.

I'll wait for Wrong Cops to see if he can build a better story or just to see some cops being bad through the eyes of a man who builds machines to to look into dog poop's memories.