Saturday, February 23, 2013

Adventure Time Time: Finn Your Face, New Toys, Limited Nguyen

Finn Your Face

London got Finn Faces to print out, but since the internet exists so do you

Adventure Time hardcover collection

The first 4 issue arc in the comics for $50, kind of a lame deal, even if it's comes with a cover by Dustin Nguyen, only at Emerald City Comic-Con, hope the con has a tie-in with the Oz film.

I love this picture from Toy Fair, making so much fun of merch.

So photos from Toy Fair 2013 have been spreading across the net. The best stuff looks to be the Everything Burrito Game, Adventure Time Monopoly, Marceline's Guitar and some weird things to cover your face with.

 Everything Burrito Game by Briarpatch. No pics of the Adventure Time Epic Gassy Jake Game there making too. This really looks kind of fun for little kids, but I'd still like to see how it's played and possibly glue it in place and leave it on my desk when I'm not working on it.

 MEMORY CHALLENGE Adventure Time Edition game includes 56 character cards and 16 item cards that offer a unique twist on a traditional game bu USAopoly

 Finn and Fionna Hats and Jake and Lumpy Space Princess Role Play Glasses by Jazzwares

 Talking Jake Battle Shield from Jazzwares
 Plenty of plushies are coming out. Gunther and Tree Trunks look huggable, but long Jake would fit perfectly with the Princess Rainicorn that already came out.