Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Takara Can Chu-Hi JPop Review

Hey readers old enough to drink! I just got samples of Takara Can Chu-Hi JPop in White Peach and Grapefruit to try. I wanted to try these just from the look of the label. They do look quite tasty in LA's usual sunny days.

 What I thought was going to be more of a soda flavor is a more refreshing fruit flavor taste in a malt beverage. This stuff was very carbonated, because I had to burp as did my friends I shared it with after the first sip. Each flavor does taste like it's counterpart in the fruit kingdom, but the crowd favorite was White Peach of the two flavors. I could see this being mixed with some other beverages to create quite the interesting taste.

The drink is easily accessible in the LA area in the locations below

JPOP is available at:
All Marukai stores
All Mitsuwa stores
All Nijiya markets