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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

LA Links 002 Gallery 1988 Moving, Wurstküche Crash, Dorner

Gallery 1988 is moving down the street to where Munky King use to be

"After 9 years at 7020 Melrose Ave, the location where it all began, we will be moving down the street to 7308 Melrose Ave (a location many of our buyers will remember as the old Munky King, while some of our looser clients will know it as next door to Darkroom)."

It seems Gallery 1988 is closing too and moving into the space across the street from the old Gallery 1988.

"But don’t say goodbye to us on the corner of Melrose & La Brea just yet. In the next few weeks, our Venice shop will close its doors and move over to 7021 Melrose, directly across the street from our original location. "

Talking about Venice, some bad guys crashed into the Wurstküche there

I didn't know it looked like the one they have near Little Tokyo. The idiot driving the truck hit a cyclists than crashed into the famous hot dog hot spot. He was a parolee and had some dirty items that police might have wanted to get their hands on. He sped away from a stabbing that didn't involve him, but jut was worried about all the cops nearby.

Downtown LA Art Walk

The Downtown LA Art Walk will be happening this Valentine's Day. There's going to be a lot of love, just watch who you're kissing sometimes hobos will just wander in to grab one.

LA Downtown News has a thorough report on who runs it. My beef is still with it's horrible main web-site. Post a damn update or make it tell upcoming info instead of using twitter and facebook.

At Art Walk, Big Money, Big Crowds and Big Changes

“Without sponsors, Art Walk wouldn’t be here,” he said. “We’re presented with a bill every month from the city for services that are rendered.”

 Moller is at the center of it all. During last month’s event, he held court at the Art Walk Lounge. Dressed casually in jeans, a T-shirt and red sweater with matching red sneakers, he worked the crowd, shaking hands, patting backs, talking about the art on the walls and pointing people to the free food offered by the night’s corporate sponsor, the Taste FIGat7th food court.

 Few people were commenting on the artwork, which featured impressive pencil drawings by Nick Begnaud and the colorful paintings of Irish artist Dee Craig. Instead, they were gushing over the food provided by some of the restaurants at the recently opened food court.

Once the food ran out, most of the crowd left the lounge.

Also for those who want to print it out you very own Dorner bumper sticker.

 Cops have been shooting at innocent people, more on that next Murder LA