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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Game Hype: Xbox Gets Content, Call of Duty Championship Headed To Hollywood

 Call of Duty Championship Hollywood

You can sign up here. The top prize $1 million. I thought 2011's Call of Duty XP event was pretty cool too.

"The first annual Call of Duty Championship, presented by Xbox, will take place on April 5-7 in Los Angeles. 32 of the world’s top 4-person teams will qualify to compete on Call of Duty®: Black Ops II for a share of $1 Million. Tune in to our worldwide broadcast to see who will be crowned Champion.
Think you have what it takes? The road to the Call of Duty Championship tournament begins in February. Assemble your team and find out how to qualify."

The Championship will be watchable on Xbox 360s, which are having a huge update on content.

 Xbox Entertainment Studios

The newly created Xbox Entertainment Studios had announced it will be making content on TV network level for the Xbox . A preview of content is not out yet, but I'll continue to update you on what's going to come out. Live events will also be continued to be covered. There's suppose to be interactive content down the line, but will won't be seeing it until later this year.

Neon Alley Added to Xbox

Neon Alley from Viz Media has just been added to the 360. This service once only on the PS3 and computers allows you to watch Viz's vast archive of anime for 6.99 a month. You did gold to subscribe too.


I wonder what Journey might win at the GDC it's won awards at almost every other gather of gaming elite. I also wonder what the developers of the games hair would look like if it was in the 80's. IAM8BIT, the purveyors of game art and promo items is making a Class of GDC Photo Set or in other words and 80's style yearbook for attendees. They'll have props, proffessional stylists for 80's hair and ugly sweaters. My favorite part "It's all thanks to the culture magicians at iam8bit, who are confident this idea was sold the moment they mentioned "laser backdrops".


Square Enix Sale