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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

ABCs of Death Review Ti West Try A Little Bit Harder

Well here's my sheet, like I suggested to you readers make your own to score the movie while watching. Reminder, the ABCs of Death is a compilation of 26 films by 26 different directors on death, shot anyway they wanted. Jason Eisner's Y was my favorite, while Z might be my least favorite for sheer lack of creativity. A reference to Dr. Strangelove and 9/11 was not the best direction for a Japanese director who didn't seem to understand what his job was.

This is another film to see with friends or invent a drinking game too. You see boobs, Japan, toilets or people not speaking English you take a drink, you will be thoroughly hung over by how many toilets show up.

Though heavy on horror a lot of this would be classified as sci-fi or just art pieces. Let's leave it at a fun experience best enjoyed with a group.

Ti West can not be apart of anthologies. After this "M" and V/H/S, it shows he needs to sit back and plan out a long feature. I loved The Innkeepers, but man he can not do shorts, kind of angry he wasted $5,000 on nothing, while other films pulled off so much more. Even "Z" did more with it's budget and I hated it, making Ti West the worst director of the anthology. Not putting the effort into it, no matter how small the part just shows such contempt for everyone else involved. Kaare Andrews "V" was just grand in comparison with the minimal budget of $5,000 each director got. It's not even the special effects in comparing his and Ti West film, his was just so lame.