Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Exploitation Double Feature: Black Cobra Woman/Super Bitch Review

 Exploitation Double Feature: Black Cobra Woman/Super Bitch

Apprehensive films sent me the double feature of Black Cobra Woman and Super Bitch the other day. Just from the titles I think you know how these films might go down. These are exploitation films filled with sex and murder and a lot of naked women for no reason. Both films have their moments for just being downright odd.

I thought Super Bitch would be the better of the two, but Black Cobra Woman wins hand down for a scene where a snake is inserted into a man's butt. Oh, yeah it goes there! In a revenge movie that only the 70's could create. Now you don't see the snake go in, and it's a big one, but you get the sense of pain from the actor screaming. How did things get so bad for a snake to go up a man's pooper? Simple, being surrounded by deadly snakes and lesbian sex. The story itself is about a woman, whose an escort, having a relationship with a wealthy shut-in who happens to love snakes. Along the way there's some lesbian encounters and a somewhat evil brother.

One of the strangest parts is when or heroine goes to some sort of sexual parlor with a friend and gets massaged by vibrators and something that looks like the ancestor of that new hand vibrator that's been floating around the net.

Super Bitch is an Italian affair and when a exploitation film is directed by an Italian it has a little bit extra. I couldn't tell who was more of the Super Bitch in this film the character of Mama, a head of murderous drug dealing family, who looked like a little old lady or star female lead who just acts incredibly stupid and sleeps around. Ivan Rassimov as the male lead is the real star of the film and does the most to screw everybody over. He sets up a bunch of drug dealers to fight each other so he can end up on top There's cheap sex scenes and plenty of gunfights for it to stand out as Italian exploration.

Quality here is that of VHS and does fall short at times. These films were not preserved it seems so transfers of only known copies must have been used. They are gritty, but not only in quality, but story.

These are some films to look back on and go, "How were these made?" Oh, wait boobs.