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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

You've Been Drinking Dead Person

Folks on vacation and people paying to have sexy sex at the Cecil Hotel here in LA were a bit shocked to find out their complaints about water pressure were more than real when a dead body believed to be that of Elisa Lam was found at the water basin at the top of the hotel. Elisa Lam, whose been missing since late January, might have been in their water supply for a good amount of time. Yes, they've been bathing in dead person. Drinking dead person. Possibly watering the plants with dead person. It's extremely gross.

-Think about the plumber who found the body too, must have been a bad day for him.

-Water pressure in LA is weak through weak shower heads and low-flow toilets. Compared to other parts of the US we're mandatorily weaker due to water supply issues. I wonder how long it took for the hotel to act on those complaints.

-Will the hotel be sued? Perhaps it will offer discounts to people who stayed.

-Could the corpse in the water given people any diseases?

-Imagine if you had stayed there and just found out about drinking a dead person while it was on the news while drinking something, you'd proabably spit it out.

-Why do we watch local news when all it can give us it shots of nothing useful, it's really quite useless for them to own helicopters unless following a car chase.

I'll have Murder LA look into this as more story develops, because it's really quite gross.

Update: Love LAist's spin for it
Drinking 'Corpse Water' Isn't As Bad As You Might Expect