Wednesday, February 27, 2013

LA Times Travel Show 2013 There's Other Places Than LA?

Do you need a new place to go? A new identity? Then you missed a really good opportunity to find out about places to escape to. From Dusseldorf to Yap almost every friendly nation and even ones that don't seem really friend were on view and wished for people to travel to them at the LA Times Travel Show this weekend.

 The LA Convention Center usually packed with cars or luxury items was only packed with slightly less of them. Car companies and of course the once ill-fated Mega Bus were inside. Mega Bus may have failed initially a few years ago, but who doesn't want to book a trip to Vegas for a buck. Not kidding, it can be a s low as a buck, some how.

The convention was a great way to learn about different places to travel outside of your everyday life. To gain a better understanding of the world or enrich the time with your family or spend a magical time with someone you love. California was mostly celebrated by wine country, Chumash Casino and the high school trip of Catalina Island. No, California was also represented by the beach communities ever so slightly away from LA, that make them inconvenient to really spend a day traveling to by car.

There are some amazing places to consider going to: Korea (the good one), Okinawa, the ever foreign Utah. Yet, as I wrote, your time for escape plans has ended and you'll have to wait for next years show. So stiff upper lip, buy sunglasses, a small dog and some hipster clothes and you should fit right in until next year.

Notes about the travel show
-Israel next to Jordan, smart move exhibitor plan committee
-Animal show was way too early , I'd like to see animals after lunch thank you
-Egypt, why? Not the best time
-China wants us, not as enemies, but as tourists spending money

 It wasn't all travel booths, there were zorbs to ride in for the kids, large protective balls to ride in. A rock wall and a zip line were in the back of the hall. You can always tell a friend how you zip lined through the LA Convention Center, hell of a story.