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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Game Hype: Those Brits

A.J. Hateley's Kickstarter Gametee: Premium T-Shirts for Video Gamers has been fully funded and just keeps rising. New rewards are being unlocked, so check it out. It has to be some new record for video game clothing to get funded that quickly.

I wish A.J. the best and hopefully a better director of videos, because the one up on the Kickstarter, sure isn't relaxed.

In other news on British people into gaming and who should probably marry Miss Hateley to produce wonderful and artistic British children are named Olly Moss and he made some plates. His Blue Willow Pattern plates that is. They make me want to eat in a Chinese video game themed restaurant that doesn't exist. You can't get these any ware, Moss made them for himself, he did make two, maybe one could be for Hateley.