Sunday, February 10, 2013

Would You Rather Quick Review

Hey Look! One of favorite choices from ScreamFest 2012 came out for VOD and iTunes.

I sat down wondering who the main bad guy was and then it hit me, Jeffrey Combs from Re-Animator! He's such a huge weird jerk in this. This an indie production, but a fun horror/suspense/ thriller.

The dying brother stricken Britney Snow is invited to a creepy dinner to try a win money and health packs for her brother. There she meets Sasha Grey, that guy from My Name is Earl, who didn't change his hair for the role. Some other actor I've seen get beat up and other people you've seen in other films.

Along the way they're asked to do things... such things, that I don't want to ruin.

It was predictable, but fun. People die, but it makes sense unlike a Sy-Fy channel movie where Christmas lights can make you explode into blood leaving no corpse.

I still love the poster.