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Monday, February 18, 2013

Beam Me Up Star Trek Art Show at Q Pop Stellar Success

Trekkies from all around and probably the Star Trek Convention in town headed to the Q Pop Shop in Little Tokyo last Saturday night for the opening of Beam Me Up: A Star Trek Themed Art Show. The tiny shop could barely fit all the attendees as a line swelled out the door. Many artists were in attendance to see their work as well as some of the Channel 101 crew, who hold the monthly Channel 101 event a few blocks away.

Below, some of the art at the show that you can still see by just heading into Q Pop. As a fan of Star Trek, I have to say I was a bit bummed there wasn't any love for Star Trek Voyager. It seems no one went beyond the Next Generation even though there were so many different artist in the show. There wasn't even any Q, Capitan Picard's long time nuisance, pieces of art at a place called Q Pop.

I'll have video of the event in a wee bit.