Monday, February 25, 2013

Edwardian Ball 2013 Dark Fun

An evening of sound, costume and the macabre was held at the Fonda Theatre last Saturday. The Edwardian Ball returned to tinsel town and its patron were very well dressed. I saw a steam punk rocket girl, a seductive peacock dressed mistress and many people in top hats. If it wasn't a unknown military noble or a explorer from Victorian England on Safari it was a beautiful women in a gown. For all that happened that night it was truly the people who put on their best out fit that made the event.

I was well entertained by the stage show as was the well dressed audience. Each act was like seeing an old forbidden attraction. In any case it's just good to see something near Hollywood and Highland not connected to Cirque du Soleil. Dancing sword girls, big bands, acrobats and a re-creation of A Doubtful Guest, an Edward Gorey classic story, with music becoming a stage show had the main auditorium always booming with excitement, dance, laughter and a few spilled drinks.

The Fonda theatre was a perfect fit for all of the fancy dressed, better cosplayers of the evening. Be it on the roof with a photo booth, it's own dj, bar, mini music club, and tiny bazaar. In the stand of the second floor where you could look down on others. The dance floor surrounded by some of the best dressed ne'er-do-wells this city has seen iether dqancing or observing the imagery on stage.

The evening was a success with mixed parts of great entertainment, great music, great place and very fine costumes. The corsets on ladies didn't hurt.

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