Thursday, February 21, 2013

Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror Look Into It

Making a dark joke on today's technology and social networks Charlie Brooker's Black Mirror is this generations Twilight Zone. The series is only 6 episodes strong coming from England (one un-aired as I write this), but the quality surpasses any pitiful SyFy Network movie.

Each episode takes you to a different story and a different world. The two I've watched so far featured what would happen if the Prime Minister of England had to make a tough decision of doing something unspeakable with a pig or letting the royal family's Princess die. This was done as realistically as possible, but still produced much dark humor. The second episode featured a world where everyone had to produce energy via bikes, but was condemned to watch ads and reality shows to ad nauseam. One man tries to break away through finding love and going through an American Idol like process where you gain your freedom if you become a pop star.

Episodes remain in England, while the US has no outlet yet. Both BBC America, which plays far to much Star Trek and SyFy don't seem interested. SyFy remains to produce reality show content and import content from Canada, which is a pity.

A second season episode has been in the press as Robert Downey Jr. bought the rights to make it into a feature length film. The Chinese have been able to get episodes and seems to love them. Episodes are of high quality and I'm sad to say we only have one show in production in America, The Walking Dead that's even worth watching and at that level, maybe Arrow, but it's a said time for TV content in America.

Look into your phone and don't power it on, you'll see the title of the show staring back at you.