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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake DVD Review

 Adventure Time: Fionna & Cake 

You had me at the adorable cover of Fionna with her tongue sticking out Warner Bros Home Entertainment. The fourth easy to pick up DVD of Adventure Time features the first time we met Cake and Fionna. The female version of Finn and Jake and the rest of the Land of Ooo crew. Well not all of it, not all of it is ladies, roles have been gender-swapped, so if you were a dude now you're a lady.

Annie-nominated episode "Princess Cookie" is also on the disc, which happens to look like Cake the cat scrunched up into a donut. It's a grab bag of episodes again, check through the whole list below of 16 if you want a specific one or wait all the way until this Summer for season 2 or buy an episode via iTunes.

The special feature again are just another guide to a few characters from the's not the best extra. Some might argue that these are just "DVDs" and can't have that much content on them, but you can add so much content and more extras. This is once again perfect for parents to get for young kids to pop in whenever there's nothing on.

If you once again want a series of fun adventures about a young heroic boy with his magical dog than too bad, the first episode is about a girl and a magical talking cat, but the rest are about the dog a boy I mentioned. It still all happens in the totally surreal Ooo with candy people, wizards and ghosts.

Episodes on the disc

            1. Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake
2. Storytelling
3. The Other Tarts
4. The Silent King
5. Death in Bloom
6. Still
7. Wizard Battle
8. What Was Missing
9. From Bad to Worse
10. Marceline’s Closet
11. Ghost Princess
12. Incendium
13. Card Wars
14. Princess Cookie
15. You Made Me
16. Lady and Peebles