Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Capcom Arcade Cabinet Pack 1 Review

Capcom is slowly going to release many of it's classics through the (shocking sound) Capcom Arcade Cabinet on the PS3 and 360. I got to try out the first pack, oh yeah. I'm going to judge each game fast and separately.

Avengers- Now I thought this was going to be about the Marvel superhero team  "Avengers". For some reason I thought it was going to be the classic Konami game. Disappointed to say the least, the main character looked a bit like Wolverine, which got my hopes of it somehow being related to Marvel. In any case the bizarre set up of having a  beat-em up, punching like shooter grew thin on me as what looked like evil clowns killed me immediately.

I'm glad future beat-em ups did not follow it's vertical style.

Black Tiger - Okay, here we go a classic dungeon crawler... wait, what everything is attacking me! There is no waiting here, it's just constant movement or things will kill you. The art isn't getting any high marks either. Games of this time were way too hard and this was one of them. It took me a second run through to figure out that the "statues" were frozen people I need to touch to get items from or buy stuff, it's a fun little gimmick. This is way to chaotic to play for me and anyone else who doesn't want to die in a minute.

1943: The Battle of Midway - Oooh, old favorite. Wait, I remember now! I never beat this as a kid or was playing some sort of different developer plane airplane shooter. This airplane shooter starts off easy, then has you taking on warships. You have some powerups and a dodge move, but it gets intense. There was a remake not to long ago or some reversion I played, hmmm.

It's a bid odd that a Japanese game company made a game about Americans taking out it's own ships during WWII, I wonder if it did bad in Japan. Wikipedia tells Japan got a special version, where planes could fire lasers, so it must have not done that poorly.

Overall these titles weren't for me, this seems more like the collection where Capcom learned from it's mistakes and then made better games.

You know I'd rather have a rare collection instead of a reloaded collection, that WWII laser plane version sound pretty sweet and I know there were a bunch of titles that Capcom never released out of Japan that I'd love to try.

The video game was provided by the publisher for review.