Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fionna and Cake Bad Little Boy Premieres Monday Feb. 18

New episode "Bad Little Boy"
Premieres today Feb 18
at 7:30 p.m. on Cartoon Network and starring Neil Patrick Harris and Donald Glover

It's the month for Donald Glover! His the voice for Marshal Lee the male counterpart for Marceline and Community's back on air, now he just has to do a big movie without SNL cast and he should be just fine. For all those AT Fans this is it. Fionna and Cake are really back! They will be dancing, singing and kicking booty. I think the show is hinting that they'll crossover one day, but still no plans on that.. yet.

I previewed the episode via CN and man is it tops crazy awesome fun. Donald Glover was a great choice for Marrshal Lee with his singing background. I don't wat to ruin the episode, but it's mostly insane at the start thanks to the Ice King.

If Adventure Time were to ever end I could easily see Fionna and Cake's Adventure Time taking it's place.