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Monday, February 11, 2013

Anarchy Reigns Quick Review

Anarchy Reigns 

Campaign bad, multiplayer good. Platinum Games really didn't up itself for the sequel to Mad World. No black and white murder-fest anymore, but a clone of hundreds of other brawlers I've played. A poorly written story about Jack's daughter being dead and the same old tasks asked from hundreds of other titles really drags what should have been a new fun adventure.

Multiplayer, when enough people are online, is the highlight. with insane over elaborate attack on different battlefields in some sort of dystopian future. Killing up to 16 other cyborgs who each have their own strange attacks is a lot of fun. You can pull of some amazing attacks. If Platinum took the time that it put into design into story we'd have a good game.

A huge downside is to unlock characters to fight in multiplayer you have to beat campaign missions, really boring and repetitive campaign missions. Platinum Games should have hired an American or European writer, because they can't seem to understand story. If story was never meant to be the main part of the game, maybe you should have left it out.

It's been known for some time it wasn't going to be that good a game. It had a massive delay and a huge price discount. Full price it set at $30 and it's $24 on Amazon as I write this. It was released last month, so that's a bad indicator.

One of the worst problems was finding out there was no co-op or versus that didn't have to be online. I'd like to have had a friend over to murder with my robot sexy gal avatar who summons ice to kill people with. There was no killing my friends with a sexy gal avatar who summon icicles!

Sega should considering suing Platinum for delivering a very cheap game, but I'm not sure what's Sega's involvement in the game might have been.

I don't think I'm going to even remember this title a few months from now. I have to say it's not even worth renting unless you want to put in the time to unlock all the other characters for online play. Deathball, a kind of murder soccer was a nice touch, but not enough to save the game.