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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Comic Hype: Secret Avengers #1 and Wolverine & The X-Men #25

 Haven't gone over any mainstream comics in a while so I thought I'd go over some of recent titles.

First up, Secret Avengers #1. This is a brand new team on a title I never really enjoyed. The writing right off the bat seems like Joss Whedon wrote the comic. There's small talk off how delicious some coconut pineapple scones are while Hawkeye is bleeding to death.

This might be the title know for tacking own Agent Phil Coulson from the Marvel films and the Samuel L. Jackson version of Nick Fury into the main Marvel universe.

With new SHIELD technology that erases you memory for perfect deniability, which also reminds me of Whedon's short lived Dollhouse, a huge misuse of power by SHIELD can exist. I thought it was some strange tech for a comic when it also uses "heal bullets" - bullets that just knock you out temporarily, but your fine.

Yet, what with think is true gets turned around by the end. I'll be keeping up with this new title.

-A fast shout out to the resident magic user on the Shield team on this comic. It's actually cool to see some support that's worth while and that can help with magic bad guys if just to say he's using his hands to cast that spell.

-I just wanted to point out the Avengers Assembled is out this week two with another team-up story with Black Widow and Hawkeye, I'm already bored with this new arc. It shows an over saturation that Marvel just doesn't get. It was so weird to pick up two Hawkeye and and Black Widow adventures during the same day. It shows a lack of control Marvel has over too many stories going on at once. Lose Avengers Assembled, there's already too many Avenger titls as is.

Wolverine & The X-Men #25

I've been following this series from the start and love how much watching young mutants learning to use their powers can be with the constant nightmare scenarios that happen when you're an X-Men. This adventure starts a new arc where Wolverine now headmaster of the Mutant Academy takes some of newer students and pain-in-the-neck students into a survival camp in the Savage Land. This happens after a zombie circus fights the academy. Things of course go bad, because it's the Savage Land, but we have the bonus of Logan's brother showing up? I'm unsure if it's suppose to be Sabertooth or a guy with muttonchops I haven't read about before.

The art style in this is always the most kineic and fun I see in current Marvel comics. Be it a psychic shotgun going off or a mutant kid whose guts you can see wanting to eat maggot infested dinosaur meat every panel has some fun in it.. Lots of dinosaurs die in this issue and seeing a team of mutant kids battling them off makes you wonder why othet titles are so boring.