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Monday, February 4, 2013

The 40th Annie Awards Red Carpet Spectacular

Hart and I once again braved the 405 during it's idiotic and ill-conceived reconstruction to attend the 40th Annual Annie Awards at UCLA'S Royce Hall. We perched upon the red carpet talking to nominees from television and film animation. Voice actors, directors and animators were asked questions no other outlets would dare.

You can see the full list of winners here

First up, make Kristen Schaal the host for next year Annie Awards, the not having any real hosts this year was a mistake, just book her. She was great on stage and the audience loved her. She even won for being Mabel on Gravity Falls. Ask her now!

We got to big scoops on Adventure Time and Steven Universe from voice actors from the series. Watch the video and learn more or wait until I post on it.

Shout out to Disney not making a Sugar Rush video game when Wreck-It Ralph director Robert Moore and Alan Tudyk( King Candy) both want one. I know you just laid off more of your video game division and have been struggling with Disney Interactive for years, but just give it to another developer like Namco (arcade unit only) and make a real arcade unit for Sugar Rush.

Hey Disney, I know you're going to make a lot of money off of Skylanders Disney Infinity, but maybe instead try and support your games division so you can make a worthwhile product your fans would enjoy and respect you for. Can't wait to see Planes, the movie not from Pixar, but like Cars.

In other Disney shenanigans the acceptance speech from Alberto Mielgo for ‘Tron: Uprising: The Stranger’ – Disney TV Animation was a bit heated as the series seems to be on the block for cancellation and has moved to midnight on Mondays. I don't know why they just don't outright say your cancelled. Cartoon Network has been the same odd way with ThunderCats, even though it's still not officially cancelled even though the crew behind it has disbanded. There might be some sort of legal jargon in place where it needs to say it's active, I'm unsure.

You know, no DC Nation shows were up for vote so there was hardly a presents for WB animation on the red carpet. I hope they get there act together at either CN or the WB and put up a fight next year . Actually nothing from Marvel Universe was up for any award either.

 Dragons: Riders of Berk won way too much for me and once again Adventure Time was denied any Annie.

Wreck-It Ralph did win best picture, best soundtrack and best director which I do agree with, they earned it.