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Monday, February 4, 2013

That Bowling Alley In Little Tokyo Finally Has A Name XLanes LA

Little Tokyo Lanes seems like a much nicer name and what I'll be referring to it probably in future articles, but the real name of the new bowling alley is called XLanes LA. I guess from a marketing point they thought it would work to get a younger crowd, but adding X to something is older than adding 2000 and were in 2012. Well, they'll at least have a easy tie-in to the X-Games in the summer.

 If you've been following the site I've been writing about this new entertainment spot to be located in the Little Tokyo Galleria over a year. A Facebook site just went up in January, but no official site is up yet other than a simple ad.

So other than bowling it's going to be an arcade and the Facebook is asking what units to put in. It claim it will have over100 arcade units, a pool hall, 24 lanes and private rooms.

This does seem like a dream for the area and add a little more excitement than walking around Little Tokyo. I'll be sure to update you on when it's open and how you can best enjoy your experience. I've got to add it to the Arcades In LA series.

via Arcade Heroes