Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Zombie Apocalypse Store Las Vegas

3420 Spring Mountain Rd
Las Vegas, NV 89102
(866) 784-7882

AHHHHH! The zombies they're everywhere! In books, on TV, in the movies, in comics and almost every form of media we have. Now we have a store in Las Vegas to deal with these devourer of brains and our free time. The Zombie Apocalypse Store has been around for a year now and garnered the attraction of Wired Magazine and The Guardian of England. The store plays with the macabre sense of humor of a Apocalypse brought upon by Zombies. 

If you've read the site, you know we love that sense of humor at TTDILA, there's multiple zombie events in LA, but we don't have store that specializes in surviving the zombie apocalypse. I could only compare the store to the horror store Dark Delicacies, The LA County Coroner's Gift Shop and possibly The Time Travel Mart in Echo Park to give you an idea of what it looks like inside. With it only being 3 miles off the strip you should crawl or lunge in the next time your in Vegas.
Hearing a stun gun going off multiples times might deter some other site, but it only peaked TTDILA's curiosity. Even before we entered, the store itself stands out and the big truck sign captures interest. I didn't notice at first, but there's a dinosaur on the roof too. Not a zombie-saur, a dinosaur composed of multiple zombies made together, but a dinosaur, supposedly a zombie might ride him in the near future. 

As the video shows, the store does have it's gag gifts, which I want many more products off, but like the book that created it does have what you would need to survive. The book I'm writing about, the extremely well written The Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks  was the motivation for the store. It has the supplies you would need to survive a zombie attacks, based on logical scenarios based on if the world was doomed by the undead.
They've got knives, swords, big sticks the whole she-bang. Zombie targets and some stuff to make them blow up. They have a wide selection of zombie targets to take to a gun range or wherever you fire your gun. There is a real brand of zombie bullets made in the US now, who knew?

I don't think I encountered a more friendly staff while in Las Vegas. Ask them anything you want about zombie culture and they'll give you honest answers. They do know there zombie stuff. They'll explain every product with you and tell you what might best to bash somethings head in with. They even sale samples of there MRE's (Meals ready to eat) so you can sample what you might be shoving in your mouth as the world goes kaput. The staff and us talked about a bunch of zombie lore between zaps of showing customers all the tasers they had (Yes, tasers won't be effective on all zombie, but when the still have muscles it will shock them, and if brain is exposed you could take one out like that).

There's multiple weapons to discover, but what bit my bullet was the special bloody t-shirt you make yourself. A the video shows below. You make your own bloody t-shirt by going in a section of the store and shooting at it with a BB gun. It has a blood packet, so you blast the blood all over it yourself. Previously the area was a nice viewing area for zombie movies which they do have in stock( I want a wider collection). 

You'll want more from the store, I'm sad the viewing area is gone to make way for the the small gun range, but I think the gun range is a great idea too. What the store needs is more room and more items. It's only been a year, but the store is a success. I'd like it if it could be expanded. There's a special gun range nearby and it makes wonder why the store doesn't invest in a big zombie gun range of it's own. Possibly a small zombie lounge area, with some zombie arcade shooters. The staff told of the multiple offers they get including someone who wants to teach a zombie self-defense course. Who wouldn't want to start a zombie pub crawl there?

 I'd also like to see some magnets, key chains and shot glasses, if you're going to be a Zombie Apocalypse Store go all out and have some of the best zombie products possible. I wanted some Zombie Jerky! 

 If  your a horror fan or want to have a way to defend yourself from hordes of zombies, while in Vegas go to the Zombie Apocalypse Store, I hope they have a local commercial like a used car lot.

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