Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Game Hype: Big In Japan

I'm breaking down some amazing arcade machines here, that hopefully will hit the US some time, I headed to Amusement Expo 2012 to see if these two are making it stateside the outlook seems bad . If you don't know the two arcade giants that bring everything over are Sega Amusements and Namco Bandai.


Now this one has a transforming arcade machine, yes it transforms like in an anime. This does change the combat as you have to turn certain parts of the machine like your own mech unit. I can't think of any machine like it I've ever encountered. You"ll also being getting cards based on real world cars that happen to be transfroming robots.

Here's the official site, no idea if it will ever get to the U.S., it from Square Enix and they usually don't bring arcade machines over.


Animal Kaiser

Animals are given insane an completely random attacks and I want to play this more than the first game. A Giraffe that has a death yo-yo, a Tarantula that makes a giant web monster puppet, a Lion that summons giant swords that split the earth in half, truly amazing. This from Bandai Namco and also requires you to put cards of your animals in. From what I can figure from YouTube they've add new enemies over time like evil versions of certain animals and extinct animal with halos. I'd love to try this wonderful take on bar talk with friends of what animal could defeat the other, than throw in a mech animal and giant pineapple to screw up the results. Animal Kaiser please get to America some how.

There are English versions in Australia. Check out their English language site