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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

MLB 12 The Show Review

MLB 12 The Show (PS3)
MLB 12 The Show (Vita)

Do you love some baseball? Has it been a year already? I ask, because MLB is back and it's score reads 12. MLB 12 The Show makes me fond for going to Dodger Games here in LA. What you've got again is another well made game with improvements from the previous in the series. Not huge steps forward, but some fun changes. Right off the bat, so bad a joke, but lets continue.

You have some new features like the Diamond Dynasty mode where you can find a diamond in the rough team. This is only on the PS3 version not the Vita, but if you have the game for both you can save cross platform. It's fun to shape up a team by working on them and collecting cards.

Improved graphics give a feel of being at a baseball game or checking it out on TV. The TruBrodcast Presentations (PS3 only) make you just feel like going out to the game. Between the two the PS3 version just has more power than the Vita so it can pull off more, but if your on the go and want to take your team with you it's kind of nice to have them on Vita.

Gameplay wise there's some minor differences, including pulse pitching. This took me a few tries to get right. You have to time your pitches when you press X to get the best possible pitch. Other than that nothings to hard to figure out to do. Some simple game mechanics again, plus there's tutorial on everything.

Online play is easy on either system though you do need a code when starting out which the game comes with. It's a real battle to show how good your team is against a real world opponent. I had no problems online the PSN network handled my games smoothly.

If your a fan of baseball and video games this is the best game for you to purchase right now. Even though presentation wise the game looks nicer on the PS3, I like the Vita version better, but I mostly like how they can connect to each other so you don't lose anything. I wish more series or games had that ability/ I would have liked Diamond Dynasty on the Vita version too.

The video game was provided by the publisher for review.