Saturday, March 10, 2012

Superman Vs The Elite Cover

Oh, Warner Bros Marketing, please, please change the cover for Superman Vs The Elite.

I'm now saddened I won't be attending Wondercon March 16-18, which will be premiering the animated film based on a treasured comic story. It's one of my favorite Superman stories where Superman must confront a new generation of "heroes" who don't care about killing or what means they use to get the job done. It has Superman taking on four super powered beings that can really hurt him, with no backup. No Justice League interference, no little help from Jimmy Olsen finding their weakness at the last moment, it becomes a brutal fight at one point and it even has the man of steel questioning himself based on public opinion.

This cover disgusts me on how awful it looks, where the Hell is Superman's other hand? It just lacks any competence. The greatest problem is it doesn't even match the art style from the film. Look how Superman's designed below then look at the cover. He looks kind of chubby and big chinned. Which I have problems with, because there not following the style that was in the comic, but that's another issue.It's also kind of looks like Superman's fat on the cover ... it's just awful.
 Now look at the original comic cover from the story it's based on. So much darker and grittier, but it evokes that somethings just wrong by how tattered Superman looks. The background looks like a bombed out building and there is no blue sky like that awful cover above. Please. Warner  Premier redo the cover before sending it out to be made in Mexico.
This issues was one of my favorites and I still have it in my collection, I got it when it orginally came out and was blown away at how insane everything got for Supes. Joe Kelly of Ben 10 and Ultimate Spider-Man fame wrote it. Down the line it led to some other stupid characters being created in DC, bu it doesn't matter that was like three Crises ago, so they probably don't exist anymore.

BTW what happened to DC Shorts with these things did they give up on that or what?